PdD Combat Armaments and Protection Systems

Product Director Combat Armaments and Protection Systems (PdD CAPS) offers a range of battlefield munitions and escalation of force capabilities that broaden Soldiers' options for countering enemy actions including shoulder-launched munitions, grenades, nonlethal ammunition and systems, explosive hazard detection and non-standard equipment.

Shoulder-launched munitions (SLM) allow Soldiers to engage enemy personnel, light armored vehicles, bunkers, and other field fortifications in close combat. Highly mobile and lightweight, new, improved versions of SLMs can be safely fired from confined spaces, greatly increasing effectiveness in urban environments.

Grenades range in effect from non-lethal to lethal, and can be hand thrown or launched from a grenade or 66mm launcher. Each grenade has different characteristics, offering a variety of capabilities to the Soldier in close combat situations.

Non-lethal systems and munitions provide escalation of force capabilities to commanders who face a full spectrum of threat environments.

Explosive Hazard Detection provides area access capabilities to soldiers to overcome conventional land mines and asymmetric threats such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs). This is achieve through an integrated family of capabilities which include but are not limited to handheld and standoff detection, counter IED solutions.

Non-Standard Equipment provides the defensive technologies and capabilities required to conquer IEDs by neutralizing them before they can be detonated or minimizing the effects of IED blasts on personnel, equipment and facilities.