PdD Combat Armaments and Protection Systems

Non-Lethal Ammo

Non-lethal ammunition are explicitly designed and primarily employed to incapacitate personnel or materiel while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury to personnel and collateral damage to property and the environment.

When used in military applications, non-lethal weapons are useful in:

  • Crowd control and riot situations where hostile forces take cover in crowds
  • Operations in urban terrain or antiterrorist actions where it is important to minimize collateral damage
  • Counterterrorism activities that involve hostage situations

Non-Lethal Systems

Non-Lethal weapons provide Soldiers with graduated levels of response and fill the capability gap between "show and force" and lethal fire in peacekeeping, crowd control and cordon and search operations. They are particularly important in urban conflict because of the need to limit collateral damage and avoid casualties in the non-combatant population. PM CCS Non-Lethal systems effectively expand the number of options available to commanders who face a full spectrum of threat environments.