Product Gator Landmine Replacement (GLMR)

Gator Landmine Replacement Program (GLRP)

Gator Landmine Replacement Program (GLRP) is redefining how Soldiers shape the battlefield and protect the force through continual advances in area denial capabilities. Area denial systems and munitions block enemy access to important terrain and restrict the enemy’s ability to maneuver freely. These systems include cutting-edge networked munitions and legacy anti-personnel and anti-vehicle systems. Currently fielded networked munitions are man-portable and provide Soldiers with faster response time, greater efficiency and enhanced safety. They can be employed to protect perimeters and flanks during attack, reinforce light forces, and control enemy movement.

Emerging requirements for a smart terrain armament are focused on networked sensor munitions that can be delivered remotely deep into enemy terrain, providing man-in-the-loop, terrain-shaping area-denial capabilities, replacing legacy mines. The first increment of smart terrain armament networked munition will provide anti-personnel and anti-vehicle alternatives, filling gaps associated with the aging inventory of the family of scatterable mines systems with a controllable, networked, self-reporting, sensor-enabled munition to provide soldiers freedom of action while denying that of the enemy within the same battlespace.

GLRP is investigating materiel solutions for the Deep Range Obstacle capability gap with the goal to achieve Initial Operational Capability by FY2025. GLRP is currently in Materiel Solution Analysis phase. The Materiel Development Decision was approved July 2015. The Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction phase is estimated to begin in 3QFY17.